Daily Update

I thought I would link a couple of my cell phone photos here, as of course the work on my DSLR won't be ready for daily updates, however the cell phone stuff is much more accessible, so it's easier to throw those updates in and keep people up to date with what I'm doing.

Hustle Up! (Jan 2)

And today's (because I'm up early and I wanted to test a new app, which I didn't end up using)

Breakfast (Jan. 3rd)

~ Mike


New Years Day!

So like many people, I'm here trying to be more creative and get work out on a consistent basis.  I'm not looking to be hired, I'm looking to visually record.  I think photographs are one of the best ways to remember what the world is like from the past.  They mark significant memories, and they are really unique to the photographer.  

Right now the subject I have most handy to photograph is my partner, Carlton.  So of course on the New Year, I photographed him on our 1 year anniversary in The Proximity Hotel.  We had a very fancy night, with a great dinner and a nice brunch the following morning.  I like the above photo as it just seems quiet and peaceful, and like a good start to a new year.

I want to try to do a photo a day, though I may not post all my photos each day here.  I'm going to do one on the phone, and one on my D90.

This was just part of the hotel room, and those chairs are amazing.  (Also you'll notice through the links, I keep my cell phone photography on one Flickr and my SLR work on another.  Follow me there for more images than what I'll post here.  

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