Day 20

Day 20, what a big number. In honor of the day, I'm converting my font to Arial. It seems fitting.

Today at work was very hum drum. I'm glad I have help, but it's wearing me out for my evening portraits. I wanted to escape into some good music, luckily Ani is never too far out of reach. Also, I love my skull candy cheap-o headphones. They're probably the best ones I've owned... which stack up to some of the earlier expensive ones.

Either way, I like the lighting, I like the white backgrounds lately. Oh, and good grief I can't wait to chuck the point and shoot into the spare position and get a D SLR. I should do one of my portraits on here with film, but to do that in one day is such a rush.

I've not recommended a blog or resource in awhile. PhotoFocus is an excellent resource for photographers starting out or those who need a bit of an update in the art. I learn excellent tips from it almost daily. Even if you don't take photos often, there's much to be learned from them. So give it a read if you like.

See you guys tomorrow for Day 21.



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