First update, New photos, Links, and Logo.

Well here we are and I'm dumping new things at you left and right. This won't last I assure you, but for now I can promise lots of updates with photos.

First off are the new photos over at my Flickr. My friend Graham suggested unusual curvature as a photo assignment. I've gotten two this week. Gas stations were suggested by Travis and will be coming later. I have evil plans Friday. However when thinking about this assignment I realized I haven't really went out walking around. I've stayed in my house and just tested my camera in a few settings since I'm still getting used to it. I went out to the cemetary by my house and looked for interesting tombstones/sculptures. What I found was a beautiful old tree. So there's my curvature. I especially am fond of the green area that seems so warm and inviting.

I have to go out later this weekend and shoot some more, but I've just found an interesting, albeit daunting challenge in a Flickr group that I plan to accept. Every day for the next year I plan on taking a self portrait, and I'll try my damnedest to post it to that group. Of course you won't get an update HERE every time, that would be very obnoxious, but I
encourage you guys to check it out when you can. At least this will put a camera in my hands everyday.

If anyone is like me and just getting back into this world, or just getting started, I encourage them to check out this podcast. I've been listening to a few episodes as well as their Flickr group. The group of people on there seem pretty knowledgeable and pretty down to Earth. Anyways they have interesting news tid-bits and other such nonsense. We'll see how that pans out.

Lastly, I've been working on just a simple logo for this blog. The old one was way over the top, and right now it's just text up there. I should have that up
in a few days, unless I really get lazy and decide to nix a logo in general.

I would have more, but with all my overtime at work, I'm very tired. I'll leave you guys with another of my favorites from my recent set.

G'night Internet!


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