A Fresh New Face with Updates Galore!

Hey Revolutionaries!

Well my life has taken a few changes since we last have seen one another.

I've acquired a new camera. It's a Fuji Finepix S1500. This came about because I visited my sister, Tracy and took part in her wedding to her partner Sandy. I photographed the wedding as well as did my brotherly duties as the best man. My friend Stephen came up and helped me on the photography front. He actually helped on the best man front too because I would have gone insane without him there, and both jobs would have been left undone. This whole experiance gave me a chance to relive what I liked about being a photographer, and made me pine for back when I used to always have a camera by my side.

With that being said, I got a decent middle of the ground point-and-shoot. it has good macro skills, as well as a decent manual mode. It's by no means an SLR, and I fight with it occasionally because of that fact, but for Christmas, I've put in the request for help with payment on one.

I've linked my Flickr page at the top of the page, and included a featured photo on the side. I hope that this blog will be where I can voice assignments to myself and update people with my work, including some of the thoughts behind it. I've also enabled posting via e-mail and my cell phone so that I can give small updates if I maybe have seen something interesting, had an idea, or maybe took a neat cell phone picture. (I have to admit I'm pretty geeked for interesting cell phone pictures.)

I'd love inputs and comments from any readers as well. Give me a photography challenge, or even some constructive criticism if you think it can help.

Just to be fancy, here's my favorite photo I've taken so far:
I really like all the textures working together and the forms of the wood

I'll also be posting photos I've run into on Flickr that I like, linking you their page as well. I think this will be a good idea to help my photography grow, and get me back into the swing of things.

See you all later!


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