Day 48 and 49

The black and white is day 48. I was dizzy and sick all day, and sleeping all night. I woke up and took this toward the end of the day, knowing I had to get a shot out. I have an ear infection, in the ear pictured. I used the camera's flash for this one, and I'm still unimpressed by it. Then again, I've always been more a fan of ambient lighting more than anything else. Man, sleeping that much felt soooo good!

Today was pretty good, I felt much better, thanks to all the sleep and the antibiotics I'm on. Today's portrait was by candlelight. These are all starting to look the same to me. I'll need to do something drastic to break these up. I think costumes, or distance from the lens is in order.

Thanks for bearing with me while I've been exhausted / sick.



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