Day 105

Day 105, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

So tonight was another blah night. Lately I just want to flip my brain off when I get home and veg out a little. I think Thanksgiving will be time to do that, as I'll be out of town, and hopefully resting. Seriously, I plan to be so lazy, it's not even funny.

For this photo I just found the best frame, used a new curves adjustment to help the color be more true, though it obscure some of the more subtle details. We'll see if I use it again. I also edited everything on a duplicate layer, then took the open skin area and lightly made the colors blend a little better. It doesn't look too much different than my normal stuff, but I like that everything is still there, just blended back, as to not take away from the image. I think that's the true goal in any true portrait photography.


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