Day 96

Day 96, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

Today's photo was inspired by Scott Bourne's idea to limit yourself to make better photographs. Today was to only shoot photos with my camera laying on the ground/floor. I got some new and interesting angles, but nothing besides this one came out well.

This is a truly seductive image to me. Something about the idea that makes me understand that I'm getting in the shower, my heel being so round and the ankle's slope up with the tones sculpting it all out, makes me like this. It starts a story, even if it's nothing but, "oh he's undressing to get in the shower." It's what makes it jump further out in my mind. If all of my portraits could have this quality, I'd be very happy.



cmsarted said...

one of my favorites so far... it is sexy, intriguing... and so normal. Love it! Love you!

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