Day 126

Day 126, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

Today's picture was effortless. I sat my camera up on my lamp, snapped the photo from there, and just looked at the camera.

People have said i don't smile... and while it's true...I wouldn't say this photo is me frowning either. I think being somewhere in the middle is okay, it's how people normally are at the end of their day, relaxing and getting ready for bed. As far as people smiling while they're alone and unwinding from the day, I've yet to meet anyone that happy... without drugs.

I love the lighting in this image, I used my lamp as a soft box. It tells me when I get my flash for Christmas, I need to get a buffer for it. They're cheap, and for portraits, it's a must have. It evens out the skin, gives the person's face a softer tone. All in all, I enjoy the results.



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