Day 134

Day 134, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.
At work! The holidays are here and from going to parties, starting a gym routine and visiting friends - I'm worn out! So I'm trying to mesh my photography in with my life a little better. Hopefully you will get more shots of what I do daily. Next week I'm considering doing a morning series, or maybe a snooze button series... where when I hit the snooze, I hit the shutter too. We'll see.

I wanted to share a little philosophy with you guys about the project, and about my photography in general. I started this project to get better at it, make photography and post processing an everyday habit. I wanted to include this into everyday life. So far it's working, I read photography blogs every day, I work at getting better at my craft every day. If you count how long I've been in photography, we're looking at around 5 years in practice, 9 if you count my break. (I still took pictures, but not on a consistent level.) The worst thing i did was left photography. I got burnt out, scared of digital, and stepped away. It is almost life saving to be back. I feel renewed and have purpose once again. My life feels MUCH richer.

This brings me to an article my friend Erika posted today.

Zen Habits - How to Become Amazingly Great at Something

It's true, the only way to get better at something is to do it, do it, do it. I don't think everyone needs to be a master of everything, or even one thing if they don't want to be. However don't get discouraged on bad days, or weeks. Lately I've felt my photos are very stagnant and was getting down about them. But I am trying to change it up and work on them. This is the learning process, and working through it makes me stronger. It's really exciting.

Please give that article a read. It's verbatim my philosophy on passion in life.



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