Stephen 283

Stephen 283, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

Another post following this one. I'm quite happy with this post. Every now and again I get a portrait that seems fresh to me, like looking at someone when I'm talking to them. This photo almost speaks to me because when I see it, I see what i like in Stephen, and I really love the attentive eyes.

I guess it's more about holding my gaze and moving my eyes around, but there is something more to it. A quality of personality that glimmers through. Anyways, I liked it so much, i wanted to post it on it's own entry.


P.S. Thank you to Ryan and Stephen for letting me photograph you both. I hope the head shots help you guys out, save you a few bucks, and look okay. I want to start doing more of these, and you two have started the ball rolling. Thanks so much!


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