Day 151

Day 151, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

I'm learning to use my new flash. It's really exciting to me to have a challenge and to be able to grapple with a new element in my photos, and really, a whole new force. I have lighting, portable and with me.

I have to keep focused and understand it's a bit of a curse and a blessing. I've got to know that ambient light, is really the best. (These of course or just my own ideas, but honestly, lighting is nice, but natural light is so wonderful.)

On a separate personal note, I've let what's important blur out of focus. My new year's resolution is to focus more on my photography, and get a goal, de-clutter my life and try to take in less things, but feel them more. Live simple, have less, focus on the important things. My photography is #1, my healthy eating/working out and staying active is #2, my friends and family are #3. The rest needs some work. I don't need the newest gadget, or for that matter camera equipment. I need to get thrifty with backgrounds, and really learn the stuff I have. I wish myself luck and realize I'm human along the way. Hope you guys have great new year's ideas out there. Remember, every 7 years you should reinvent yourself.



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