Day 153

Day 154, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.
I took this portrait early today. I came home and my brain is like, exploding with ideas and creativity. It's an odd thing how that works. Some days it's like beating a dead horse, others I can't shut my mind up. I try to make notes for other days, however the mood has to be there when I go to shoot.

I had this funky idea to place a glass over my lens and shoot myself though that. The focus and the quality turned out a little low, but the four images in order like this add a comical element that I think works. Technically bad photos, even the frame is a little boring. But the idea is there, so that's something good to build on.


P.S. I forgot to give my friend Graham a shout out yesterday.  Hey Graham.  Thanks for being extra awesome and always giving me good ideas and honest opinions.


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