Day 174

Day 174, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

The outside of this shot may be better than what the shot was. Some trucker in his truck staring at me, my car running with the heat on and my father inside, trying to make me laugh, while my camera sits on top of the car as a makeshift tripod.

Today was full of surprises, I'm working on a portfolio site which should be up in about a month I hope, I plan to work on my photography and get this thing up and running soon, then I'll have business cards. Steps closer and closer to being able to show of my work and get jobs. We'll see how this goes, I'd love to have photography become a second job for me. I do love having a day job as well though, so we'll see.

Click on Flickr and look at my alternate photo for tonight, it came in a very close second place.



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