Day 178

Day 178, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

I tried some new stuff with this one, giving the color a push less than I have in the past. I like the slight flavor it gives for the photo overall. There is something I absolutely love about photos of my shoes. I think the fact that they are worn, and have been around a while mean a lot for me. They are comfortable, still supportive, and just fit so well. I'm easily attached to things like that.

A few links. My website www.mbaldwinphoto.com links to my carbonmade profile for the time being, however sooner or later I'll be getting with a company to fix a professional website with flash to set it all up. I want to print all those photos out, make one portfolio that all has the same feel and look. Of course I would also like to make certain I fill in any holes with new photographs.

In other news, over the weekend I'm working on a Behance gallery. http://www.behance.net/ Once this is finished, I'll be linking projects and things from there as well. It's a tool to work on collaborations and maybe even get a little freelance work. We'll have to see if it helps.

Lastly, if any photographers read this, I totally need an invitation to Shuttrr. Let me know if anyone has one.

Thanks everyone. Also I'm at 178... when 182 happens, we have to party, that will mark the halfway point!



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