Day 189

Day 189, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

I love the lighting in this bathroom. I think it really lights figures well. Of course I'm the only figure I've seen in this, however it really seems to at least make me look good. :) I like the light on my arm and how it hits my face. Even the woodgrain shows up nicely.

I never talk much about why I choose color or black and white. I tend to be stronger with my black and white images more than color. I look at the photos in color first, even correct the white balance before converting them to black and white. I make sure the lighting is extraordinary if I'm going to do a photo in black and white, because you reduce so many elements and abstract the image so far, you need to have your transitions from darks to lights to be either dramatic or graceful. They must play center stage, and work well.

Anyways, that's enough rambling for tonight.


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