Day 202

Today's photo isn't included in the blog, but a link is given instead.
It's given the link because it's not safe for work, or for people who don't care to see me somewhat nude.

Day 202

I don't consider this a strong photo of a nude, but there is some rear-end, and I just would hate to surprise anyone with it who checks here frequently.  They never start out this way, but end up in the "you know what might make this photo better..." kind of way.

The main draw of the photo for me is the texture of the tiles and the lighting on the shower curtain.  Those are the things I fell in love with in this photo.  The shallow depth of field only helps to accentuate that and take away from my form.  I love the idea of shooting low in the shower like that.  Honestly I'm proud of today's photo.



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