Day 229

Day 229, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

I thought I would play around with light painting.

Trying new things always makes you better in a way. When I first got the dslr, I wanted to get better at night photography. While as a light painting this fails, for a number of reasons, like - you can see me, and there are crazy trails everywhere - it was also my first night trying it. The photo for a night portrait came out okay, and the building and the car look great for it being 10 at night.

As a self portrait it's not even great, but for tonight, it's a good lesson, and that's why it makes the portrait of today. I've said over and over, these don't all have to be wonderfully executed... however if I learn from them, or they mean something to me... or they get me to try something new - then the project is doing it's job.



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