Day 277

Day 277, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

This one's a tough photo.

The project needs some more personal touches. Sometimes I think people don't get to know me enough through this. You see what I see, but what do you all know about me?

This was from my senior gallery exhibition in college. I had a best friend who was soon to turn into a romance, although we both had no idea... I had a few wonderful college friends, I thought afterwards I'd always be taking photos and make a living at it.

I took this photo while spinning. I was so happy it came out, I loved the details in my eyes, the lighting was amazing. This was a print on film, I developed and printed the photo myself, cut the mat, assembled the frame. I even remember the shirt I was wearing in the photo. It was so soft and comfortable. I was about to start growing my hair long then, which was a horrid mistake in retrospect.

It's moments like this... and photos like this that catch me off-guard. Today is Mother's Day, and I'm not lost in thoughts, remembering my mother and what a person she was. Instead because of this photo, I'm lost in thoughts remembering a past me, and being proud of what I've grown into. It's nothing like I had pictured, but it's pretty damn wonderful to say the most.

So the photo tonight is for those reasons. I found the picture, took the portrait. It's for you guys to get to know me better. It's not great photography, but it's a momento, and honestly at the heart of it, that's what photography is for.

I work hard daily to accept myself for who I am, and what I've grown into being. Every day I change, and to be honest, I don't fear it like I used to. Going forward and embracing the uncertain is the only way you can better yourself at times. I've been through the dark pits, clawed my way out. Most of it was a private journey, even my closest friends have little idea. However to be looking at sunlight is a true blessing.

Thanks to all those in my life, who support, listen and nurture me. I hope I can always provide the same back.



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