Day 318

Day 318, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

There are four new photos up at the flickr sight.

This one may be my favorite, it's quiet and simple. It's strange how the most delicate photo of my set can have the most to say, and be the most emotional. On a personal note, I'm stuck in a rut and a little down. I have vacation coming up, perhaps I need a change of perspective.

I'd love some feedback on the photo.

On a side note, one place I would love to be now, taking photos and helping the people is in the gulf. I'm very upset about the situation down there, I don't see any other way to feel, but like I should get my hands in to clean something up. I'm about two steps from just doing it. If you click --> here <-- you can see "The Big Picture" from Boston.com about the oil spill. It really brought a lot of emotion to me about it. What a tragedy, my heart goes out to all the people and animals struggling with this mess. When I say all of them, I even mean the ones responsible. No one wanted to do this to the Earth, and hindsight is 20/20 for everyone. Let's hope we can chalk this up to lessons we can learn from.



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