Day 331

Day 331, originally uploaded by MichBaldwin.

I always ALWAYS try taking pictures from my lap, like everyday. I'm glad to see that one day has paid off from me trying to do that. I loooove the wall here, all that kudzu and the lighting is perfect.

This was at First Friday with Erika. If you've not seen her etsy shop, you should check it out, or if you're in downtown Greensboro, come by on the first Friday of every month.

I also met a nice woman named Cheesah there. (I'm not sure about the spelling.) She was at the booth next to Erika and seemed very nice. There may be a link to her blog later if she gets in touch with me. The goods she sells were made by a collective or artists, and to be quite honest, I would love to do some photo shoots of them if they wanted.



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