Handle + Dad's Portrait

     Playing around again with geometric shapes, repetition and color.  I feel like I can grow from doing this sort of work, as well as increase my work on the basics.  The kickback to abstraction this week is really about composition and framing more than anything.  When I was in college I photographed fans a lot.  Desk fans, floor fans, fans in factories.  I was doing it as a project, I took numerous weeks to study them, and in the end they truly had an effect overall on my photography.  I hope that I can keep learning and growing like that.  That's the purpose of these more abstract pieces I think. 

     This may be one of my favorite portraits of my dad.  He's really amazing.  His expression is wonderful to me.  The full eyes and lips turned in a half smile make me think of when he's got a funny story and is telling it.  His eyes sort of smile more than his mouth in this photo, but the mood is set.  He almost looks like a young kid in school who might be up to something mischievous.  
     Good portraits should tell stories, or connect you with a feeling.  Hopefully this one serves it's purpose.  Today's photo isn't for anyone but me.  I love this photo of him, so it maybe more of a personal memento than anything else. 



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