A Very Busy Week.

     I wanted to give you guys an update of why I've been away from the blog this week.  I'm still photographing, but it's going slowly as I've been getting stuff done for the salon.  This is one that will more than likely end up in my portfolio.  I really enjoy how the lighting came out, her expression is wonderful and I love the splash of color in the background.  It all sort of comes together for a nice image.

     The model below was a lot of fun to work with too, she tended to come up with the best poses from off the top of her head, and she really played well to the camera.  It was a lot of fun, we went to the bar next to the salon for this part of the shoot.  I had a lot of fun this past Saturday, hopefully they'll ask me to help out again.  I like this shot because it's almost candid.

     All in all they got around 60 different shots, and a few extra of each in black and white or with a cross processed look.  I think they'll be pleased, at least I hope so!



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