Back from Break

This is the official "I'm not Catching Up" post.  I actually took a photo tonight and have a few I took earlier that I really like and want to share for various reasons.  It's amazing how stuffy it feels when I'm not creating in my spare time and analyzing how I see things.  It's almost as if I don't study what I see, it's not worth looking at.  I've been exhausted, so the break, though a little forced, is also very difficult to come back from.  Here's tonight's photo and a cell phone pic I snapped a few days ago.

This maybe is just a study of the visual.  It was taken by the light of a clock I have and the spot of light was a second or two of a flashlight being shown on the curtain during the exposure.  I love the way light bounces around in a bathroom.  A shower curtain can diffuse light while it glides over the smooth tiles, skipping the slight recessing and sculpting lines in the wall to show their boundaries.  Maybe I'm a little TOO into it, but it makes me happy to see black and whites of bathrooms like that.

I simply took this because I enjoyed the way those fortunes matched up, both obtained at different times. They are something I think anyone would like to find, and both - to most people anyway, universally true.  



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