I'm so excited to have my negative scanner back up and working!  With this, I've got my fujifilm instant film on the way for my Polaroid propak.  Also I've been shooting with film last week and this week.  On my tumblr I posted about the film I found and developed, which is an excellent start to this project.  The photo above, being my favorite of last week's shoot. 

The process for film is slower.  It's more tedious and fragile than digital.  In the camera, I take my time with each image more, and it means more to click the shutter, making sure my light meter is right, the focus is just perfect and the expoure will come out just so.  On my digital, I take this certainty for granted.  I'll take 400 or 500 images without thinking about them.  That's a problem, I need to be more in the moment when I'm doing this, and my Nikon FM10 is the best answer to getting me back in touch with that.  The next step is developing and being seperated and then getting the excited feeling at the store when the negatives are ready and you can finally see your hard work. 

At this point all the possibilities become reality, taking them one more step from your imagination, and into reality.  Then I scan the negatives that work in, and start cleaning up the image of dust or scratches.  This may be my favorite part, my nose buried into a picture, just getting rid of the dust.  I tend to feel as if I'm in the intricate details of the photo.  It's a little grainy, it's not a smooth easy process, it's long, tough and in the end, I feel more attatched to the image I made.  If photography is an art, digital and film are two seperate aspects of the same.  From this post you can tell my bias easily. 

They both have pros and cons, however for this month, I'm going to try to shoot a lot more film and put myself in that moment again.

I think the images came out wonderful, at least as far as working on them.  I have to say I'm not as tight and professional with my camera as I was when in college, so I want to continue workiTags: , , , ng with this until I'm taking photos just as good as my D90.



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