Halloween and New Projects

First of all.  This guy was at the Indie Craft Market I went to tonight.  He's a dog toy apparently, but tonight he was owl king of the knitted scarves and hats.  

Halloween this year was uneventful as far as photography goes.  Luckily my manager dressed up which gave my camera the opportunity to flex it's muscle with color.  He is so creative, the pieces on his mask are drawn on by him.  Day of the Dead has come and gone, but he was ready for every holiday in that short time period.  

And in my reflection shots I've been doing, another landscape.  (Though it's more portrait as my dog tries to figure out what's going on.) 

I'm interested lately in black and white images, and in reflections.  Both obscure the normal way of seeing and when mixed together really seem to flip the image to another realm.  Lately I've been reading a book that I found out about from Chase Jarvis' Blog.  The post linked in the name, is about making a lot of your images and your work.  The book is the same.  To make art for one's self is a scary thing.  You're asking questions and studying things that no one cares about for the most part, and when you start down a path, you never know WHERE you'll end up, if you'll even end up there.  

I have a lot of this floating in my head, and I hope to come out of the book with some inspiration and some steam for keeping on with my work.  I want to be learning and studying how I see the world until the day I die.  



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