Catching Up - Thanksgiving Week(end)

This week has been busy for me, as well as the fact that I've been under the weather.  However I wanted to post a few of the photos I've been working on this week.

This was a night shot the weekend before in Downtown Greensboro.  The moon was gorgeous that night, rising from the clouds in such a peaceful way.  Also leaned a little toward the ominous side.

My friend Vinny visited Greensboro while he was home in Charlotte over Thanksgiving. We spent the weekend running around doing whatever.  Only a few of the photos turned out.

I like these two images, and side by side they are a lot funnier than I realized.  I just put them next to one another and now I'm cracking up.  I love a good comparison and may have to do a dyptic of these.  The red trees and the cars. 

I am mostly excited however, about the air freshener photo.  It has something in common with a few of my other photos.  I can't pinpoint if it's visually the angle, or the simple subject matter.  It brings to mind the cafe photos I've taken with film recently and even a few of the self portraits I've taken.  I want to make a set of these and see if I can expand on it.  I love this part of personal work the best.

Vinny was sick, and so I am now sick.  I took a day from work to get some rest and try to recuperate.  Hopefully I will get to feeling better soon.



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