Christmas Update!

I felt like having the holidays around, I should have had my camera out more.  It's been a bit of a problem lately, as I've been so busy, I've not been taking as many photos as possible.  I try to break my life down into work on health/fitness, photography, being more social, and improving my organizational skills. 

These goals generally keep me very busy.  As of late I've been interviewing with another company and landed a job in a company dealing with photography!  I'm really excited to get started, as it's a step closer to working in the field I chose to train in and a passion of mine.  Obviously I've given notice at work, and I start in two weeks!  Exciting times.

Anyways, here are two photos I took on Christmas day that I just love, mostly for the memories, not as great photographs.

I've been in a bit of a dry spell lately.  I have to keep remembering, a photo is a photo, and through many come the good stuff, so even though I'm not getting many good ones lately, the only habit that produces better artwork, are the habits that produce LOTS of artwork.  The rest is just perfecting the task.



Leigh Ann + Joe said...

Love love love both of these pics Mike...

Mike said...

Thanks Leigh! I think my favorite might be buckie!

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