Dry Spell

As far as my photography goes lately, it's been quite the dry spell.  I've been out and about, but nothing new is coming my way.  I often find that art imitates life, and while I was sick for about two weeks, not much happened via my camera at the same time.

Here are a few panoramas I've been working on.  I thought about doing this with smaller objects, just to see if it changed the perspective of them any.  In the end I'm still not sure it's any different than a cropped photo, but it's been about all I could think to do lately. 

That one is a bit festive for you all, the next one is rather dry:

But the exciting thing is it's around 180" long in real life.  I'd love to see this blown up like that.

Last of all, a normal, non-panoramic shot, that makes me sleepy if nothing else.



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