Flea Market

So I'm still working with making every weekend work with carrying around my camera, and during the week I've adopted carrying around my film cameras with me as well.  I think I may actually make Monday or Fridays polaroid day, and also make a day for my smaller digital camera.  I think each camera you use teaches you new things about the medium.

Here are a few shots from last weekend's flea market adventure.

And a couple of photos from afterwards:

I can tell this is helping me loosen up a little as a photographer, though some of my same old annoying patterns are still working their way into my photos.  The last one works best for the composition, though I'm in love with the mermaid light.  I always have a fear when I like one of my peices that much.

Also if you try to visit my portfolio site this week it may be down as I'm revamping and redoing it to make it my own personal website.  More news on that soon!



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