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Happy 2011 Everyone!

It's been a heck of a year.  I could take everyone through the journey, but honestly it's been exhausting.  Suffice to say I grew as a person, maybe took a few steps back as a photographer, but working on getting back.  I start a new job after this coming week, and it deals in the photography industry.  Things are looking up!

I wanted to share a new photo with everyone first off, just me working on using my camera more often.  Look at it as starting the year off with my best intentions.

I think the look I've adapted lately has been all to help me learn and grow as a photographer, but it's time to pop out of my shell more and get out of my element.  Look forward to me working on that this month, as it's my major goal.

I did want to share with you my favorite 5 photos of 2010.  I took 363 photos last year, my most productive month being November, when I photographed Autumn and really had my first client work.  I can't really put these in order, so I'll just post them as I came to them while looking, with a description of why I like them.

I like this portrait, maybe the most out of all the portraits I've done this year.  There's a definite setting, there's a lot of action in the background, the frame is set up nicely.  Sam's eyes are hold the viewer's attention so well, along with the metal necklace, almost emphasizing the eye's shape.  I also am very fond of the number of people in the background, only serving as figures you can just barely make out.  This and all of these, are photos that when I saw them in post-processing, I stopped to say "damn."  If I stop to say damn while shooting or while editing, that usually means I've found something pretty great.

This tomato makes me happy.  It reminds me of summer ending.  It's not a photographic explanation, but it holds such a feeling in my mind that I just can't shake.  The blurry aspects of the photo unifies the whole peice, almost acting as paint splotches moving through the peice in tendrils.  Also, once I look at it for long enough, my favorite peice of this image is the one clover that is in focus with the tomato.  This peice is one I can't quit looking at when I review my work.  I want my still-life photos to go more this direction on a regular basis.

This model was amazing.  I remember the moment when she looked over at me, and I snapped this.  The wall behind her, with it's texture is actually a peice of decoration in the restaurant that we were warned has been known to fall and is quite heavy.  Needless to say we hurried away from it, so I had no time to get any further photos.  The eye contact once again is wonderful, and I like the fact her face isn't displaying anything more than it is.  She maintains a certain mystery about her.

This photo I have hanging on my bulletin board.  Every since I got the film back and saw this one, I've not been able to shake it.  I love it.  The bokeh in the background is wonderful.  The imagery is so symbolic, coffee and water.  You know what sort of place this is, and what sort of meal is happening.  Coffee is such an iconic symbol to me, and with this shot, I feel like I defined the perfect mood for it.  It also makes me want to go to a cheesy diner and order some right now.  The frame and the focus play very well for this shot, showing you the subject, but not just "giving" it to you, making you think about it.

With the last shot, I like the color play.  Complementary colors in photography always strike me.  The trees almost remind me of soldiers at attention.  I love the mood set by this place.

So that's my recap of the year, with five of my favorite images.  Some are fueled by emotional connections, and some are purely peice where I see my eye has developed and I've won over what I've been working towards capturing.

Have a wonderful 2011 everyone!  I look forward to sharing it with all who read my blog!


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