Sick Day... Again

Well, here goes.  I'm sick again, bad enough to take a full day out of work.  I'm leaving this job Friday, and have to take off another day because of this sinus infection.  I don't know how people who can't find work stay busy, because I'm dying not being able to do too much, so I took a few photos.

This has been the majority of my day since my headache calmed down enough to let me look at a computer screen.  Yesterday I could only take five minutes at a time.

I've noticed my tendancy lately to photograph images that work better in black and white.  I'm not sure if it's just how my eye has been working lately or what.  I have always loved the light in this bathroom, I just have yet to catch it in a way that truely shows it.  I imagine it'll happen sometime at dusk in a color photo, but for now, the window reflections will have to suffice. 



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