Coins and Inspiration!

It's been too long between blog updates and I apologize.  So much has gone on, and honestly I've hit a dry spot with my photography.  So while I have been shooting, not much has come out.  I'll update first an older photo while trying to think of something, then explain a bit about this weekend and what happened.

For about three weeks that is the only photo that I've taken that I've liked enough to post.  I've been trying to get back into a routine with work and shooting, and have tried to not worry too much with producing photos, only with shooting.  Then this weekend I had a great idea for a project, which led to a photo that I really do like, however after thinking about the project, it didn't fit with.

I really just ended up loving the composition of the photo and the colors.
Also, if you are wondering about the project of which I am so inspired.  I'll let you know it started out with a post on A Cup of Joe which I saw, and liked, then saw again here on Danielle's blog.
(Both of these blogs by the way, if you don't follow you should.)  The framed print is so wonderful, and it made me start thinking about my love of fonts, and how I generally like the more crisp clean minimal fonts.  However I like old signage as well, and from that standpoint I like almost ALL old signage.  From there I started thinking about our landscape and how text impacts us everyday.  We put design out on the streets, mostly for clarification and categorization.  We label shops, trashcans, manhole covers and almost anything else.  We try to give them a certain feel and style.  Then times change, the text gets weathered, dirty, goes out of style, is put next to text that doesn't match.  I became excited about the idea and wanted to look more into it.  Then after compiling the first few photos, I realized this really needs it's on blog or gallery to be enjoyed.

So I've created a blog just for my photos of text in our environment.  Click the photo below to enjoy.  I'd love some feedback.



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