This was me, the day of my car accident in which my car was totaled.  I was hit from behind and pushed into another car.  I loved my Matrix, but now it looks as though I'll have to get another type of car.  What's important is this type of photograph really is important to me, so much that at the scene of the accident after I had regained my thoughts, I started snapping pics of myself with my film camera.  Over time, self portraits have told me a lot about myself, when I look back to some of the ones from college I remember who I was, and I think this will be the same.  Tomorrow I go and grab all of my stuff from my old car, I'm taking my camera to grab a few final pictures of it.  Poor "Doris."

On a lighter note, I spent last weekend visiting some great friends in Charlotte, and ended up making a few long lasting friendships that I already know are amazing.  Thanks Jake and David for the hospitality, you guys rock.  Here's Precious.  He spent the weekend staring at me and hissing when I came close.

He may have hated me, but he was a ham for the camera.


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