Down time

I started this blog to really get in touch with what it's like to be an artist.  Part of being an artist in this day and time, in my opinion means down time.  There are times when I want to focus on my job, social life, or focus on my art.  When I'm zeroed in on any one of these, it usually means the others may fall by the wayside temporarily.  Photography has been suffering over the past few weeks.  Here are some bits and pieces from things I've worked on.  Above is my dog while I was testing out my 20mm lens, which I decided against purchasing.  Below is a few film negatives I've scanned in.  I'd love some feedback if anyone has any to offer!

Lastly, I have a some exciting news.  My friends Leigh and Joe are getting married this weekend.  What's also exciting is that they've asked me to photograph their wedding a little while back and I've told them it would be my honor.  This weekend should be a blast, and in the next few weeks, I'll share a few of the best images here!  This should really help things out with getting my gears turning.



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