New Project

So I'm going to start a new project.  Well okay, I STARTED a new project on Friday.  365 Street Photography.  Basically here are the rules:
  1. One photo must be taken a day.
  2. I can use any camera to take the photo.
  3. It must not be taken inside my house, and if at all possible it must be taken in public.
  4. I don't have to make a post everyday about it, but I do need to make them available for viewing.
So here are the first two photos:

Day 1

Day 2

Other than that I have taken a few photos around.  The whole idea of this exercise is to get me taking photos every day again.  I loved the feeling of it plus the pressure of it when I did my 365 Self Portrait project, and I hope it gets my creative juices flowing.

Here's a few other photos, since I've not posted in awhile:

I love my coworkers, and my job.  I must say that through the past few weeks I have had a LOT going on.  They've really came through for me.


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