So I'm getting started on getting caught up on my "photo-a-day" project.  (The photo below is Day 18.)  But you have to know about the dinosaurs.  

This is Chelsea in the photo below. We went to Kitty Hawk for a co-worker's wedding. (Yes I took photos of that, however I've not edited them yet.) We're at the end of the FIRST 5 hour drive to the beach, and we drive by JURASSIC PUTT. It was all destroyed from Hurricane Irene.
Chelsea starts yelling "OMG THERE ARE DINOSAURS." and I'm all, "yeah... " 
and she's like.. "HOLY SHIT MIKE THERE IS A T-REX ON A ROCK.. PULL OVER!" and I'm like.. "Really?... Pull over?" and she's all.. "YES... OMFG HOW ARE YOU NOT AS EXCITED AS I AM."
So we pulled over and this is how we have photos of dinosaurs.

Thanks to Chelsea.

Alternate of the above image here.


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