I'm Back!

So I've been busy lately doing things that aren't as important.  Sometimes it's important to lose focus of what really is important in life.  This shows me exactly what I need to focus on.  I forget the freedom and positivity I feel when I create.  I always have done photography to show how I see the world, because I do believe we all look at it differently.  Anyways, I'm leaving behind the posts where I number the days.  Instead I'm just going to post what I feel like are some of the work I'm most proud of.  

Also it's important to say that the photo above, I hated.  After pulling it off my camera and seeing it large, it's turned into one of my favorite shots.

I gotta say I love the color and how it plays out so well for the subject matter in the one above.  Thanks Karl for wearing that bright green shirt.  :)



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