NODA Shots

A couple of weekends ago I visited a few friends down in Charlotte.  (Actually I've been spending an increasing amount of time down there lately as my friends down there rock.)  I grabbed a couple of cool shots when I went to brunch one morning with my friends Megan and Nick.  We also had the best crepe's ever.  The shot above is one I love.  The bright text on the sign and the skaters in the background make me really happy.  Also I saw a car with eyelashes on it.

In more technical news the photo above is the first processed with Topaz Labs' new Black and White Effects which so far has NOT disappointed.  I've always been strongly attracted to black and white photography, and am very picky when I do post on a photo that I want in black and white.  So far it's been easy to use and given me great results.  I doubt anything will ever come as close to what it looked like when I used to print my old black and white's in the darkroom though.  But hey, this is a close second.  ;)

The one above is just a minimal sunset peeking through the clouds and power lines.  Lately I've still be caught up in power lines and their relation to clouds and what not.  It's not the most beautiful work, but it's important for me to see where this line of thinking takes me.

Also the image below just reminds me of every rainy day at home I've ever spent.



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