It's been a little while since I've really posted on my main photography blog.  I feel as though I owe you a brief back story. 

Since you last heard from me, I have had a LOT happen, and I fell into the world of lofi cell phone photography.  It's on my main site if you want to see it, and some featured on my personal tumblr, but it's more of a personal blog, so I usually don't share that as much anymore.  If you want it hit me up in the comments so you can see.  

Lately I've moved out of town, in with my partner and have started to take my alternate photography methods into a new light.  I am using a Linux computer and trying to edit my photos with all open source software.  I have a website I'm starting for that too.  That site is to help other photographers and artists realize that open source software can be a beautiful thing to use and create.  Developers need artists to help make tools that can truly inspire creativity, and artists now more than ever need to understand and work with developers on these early projects to influence where software and computing go for our industries.  It also means more posting here for my work, and more work in my main passion, photography.  

I wanted to share with you some test photos I've taken.  Back to the photography of it, I've gotten rusty with my camera, so I think it may be awhile until I really feel empowered by my own work again.  It's like learning how to see all over again.  


These are mostly test photos, so that I can get a workflow developed on the new system, which we're still building, however I'm very happy with what I am working on.  With the open source software, my work feels hands on and inspired.  I am really enjoying myself so far.


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